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  Club Events
Year Month     Outlook [info]  
Select4 Feb 2023 06:30SatTids 60th Birthday oartyClubhouse
Select4 Feb 2023 12:00SatLadies lunch Clubhouse
Select6 Feb 2023 18:19MonRotary Lunch &DinnerClubhouse
Select7 Feb 2023 20:00TueBeer Festival Meeting 
Select8 Feb 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select9 Feb 2023 06:30ThuNHDC polling stationPaviolion
Select13 Feb 2023 18:00MonBand Pavillion
Select13 Feb 2023 18:19MonRotary Lunch &DinnerClubhouse
Select15 Feb 2023 19:30WedManagement Committee MeetingClubhouse
Select17 Feb 2023 12:24FriSet up vp lunchClubhouse
Select18 Feb 2023 12:25SatVp lunch Clubhouse
Select19 Feb 2023 10:00SunM&Y Pavillion use Pavillion
Select20 Feb 2023 18:19MonRotary Lunch &DinnerClubhouse
Select20 Feb 2023 18:35MonBandPavillion
Select22 Feb 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select27 Feb 2023 18:00MonBand Pavillion
Select27 Feb 2023 18:19MonRotary Lunch &DinnerClubhouse
Select3 Mar 2023 18:00FriLadies Quiz nightClubhouse
Select6 Mar 2023 18:37MonBandPavillion
Select7 Mar 2023 20:00TueBeer Festival Meeting 
Select8 Mar 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select11 Mar 2023 12:00Satfirst aid coursePavillion
Select12 Mar 2023 12:00Sunfirst aid coursePavillion
Select13 Mar 2023 18:00MonBand Pavillion
Select15 Mar 2023 19:30WedManagement Committee MeetingClubhouse
Select17 Mar 2023 06:00FriM&Y quiz night Clubhouse
Select19 Mar 2023 10:00SunM&Y Pavillion use Pavillion
Select22 Mar 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select23 Mar 2023 19:00ThuSponsors' dinnerHitchin Rugby Club
Select24 Mar 2023 18:00FriPrivate dinner Cara from ladies teamMarquee
Select31 Mar 2023 19:00FriPrivate function Clubhouse
Select4 Apr 2023 20:00TueBeer Festival Meeting 
Select7 Apr 2023 19:00FriBanner partyClubhouse
Select12 Apr 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select12 Apr 2023 18:30Wedlunchtime rotary QuiznightClubhouse
Select19 Apr 2023 19:30WedManagement Committee MeetingClubhouse
Select22 Apr 2023 09:09SatMini Tag Festival Clubhouse
Select23 Apr 2023 09:11SunTag festivalClubhouse
Select26 Apr 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select29 Apr 2023 14:00SatThis girl can event Clubhouse
Select4 May 2023 06:30ThuPolling stationHitchin Rugby Club
Select9 May 2023 20:00TueBeer Festival Meeting 
Select10 May 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select20 May 2023 18:30SatColts farewell do Clubhouse
Select23 May 2023 20:00TueBeer Festival Meeting 
Select24 May 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select6 Jun 2023 20:00TueBeer Festival Meeting 
Select10 Jun 2023 19:00SatEnd of Season BallMarquee
Select11 Jun 2023 15:00SunBoxing EventMarquee
Select12 Jun 2023 08:00MonBeer Festival Setup 
Select13 Jun 2023 08:00TueBeer Festival Setup 
Select14 Jun 2023 08:00WedBeer Festival Setup 
Select15 Jun 2023 08:00ThuBeer Festival Setup 
Select15 Jun 2023 17:00ThuBeer Festival 
Select16 Jun 2023 12:00FriBeer Festival 
Select17 Jun 2023 12:00SatBeer Festival 
Select18 Jun 2023 08:00SunBeer Festival Take Down 
Select28 Jun 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select12 Jul 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select26 Jul 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select9 Aug 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select23 Aug 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select13 Sep 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select27 Sep 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select11 Oct 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select25 Oct 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select8 Nov 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select22 Nov 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
Select13 Dec 2023 18:00WedBand Pavillion
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Hitchin Rugby Limited, King George V Playing Fields, Old Hale Way, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG5 1XL England, Charity No. 1159772
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