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Under 15s 24 v 10 Chess Valley RFC - Away Friendly on 10 Feb 2013

Published on Sunday, 10 February 2013

Chess Valley (10) vs Hitchin A (24)
U15A Match Report: Sunday 10th February 2013

Away Friendly


Tries (4): George E(1), Frazer (1), Dan C(1), Dan H(1)

Cons (2): Max (2)


Squad: Aaron, Ashley, Benji, Dan B, Dan C, Dan H, Frazer, George E, George V, Harry, Joe, Jordan, Max, Ollie M, Ollie P, Saiful, Sam J, Toby, Tom, Will B

Chess Valley are hosting us today in an away friendly. It’s a damp, wet, rainy day with a sodden, boggy pitch. Chess went up to Division 2 last season and are currently top of their league having been unbeaten all season. They are missing 3 County players due to a match later on and a couple more out injured so we sense a win might be possible. We had a narrow victory when we played them last – so today’s game is likely to be tough… We lose Jack W before travelling as he is not well. George E moves up to start at no 8.

Chess kick-off deep into our territory. A slippery ball gives them a knock-on scrum just 15m from the try line. We recover the ball and Dan C kicks it into touch in Chess Valley’s half gaining us good ground. Solid Hitchin rucking and passing makes good progress as the ball is passed down the line to Saiful who tears down the wing and over the try line. Sadly – he plants the ball in the dead zone – but then it’s difficult to see any lines in the mud! Chess restart with a kick and advance into our half. Dan C once again kicks forward to gain ground and we’re soon engaged in a maul in front of Chess’ posts. George E breaks clear and makes it over the try line to score our first try. Max narrowly misses the conversion in slippery conditions leaving the opening score at 0-5 just 10 min into the game. Chess restart with a deep kick that goes out of play giving us a scrum restart in the centre. Dan C steals the ball from the back of the scrum and kicks accurately to touch giving us a lineout just 10m short of Chess’ try line. This time Frazer steals the ball from the lineout and weaves past Chess’ defence to score try two. Max’s conversion attempt is accurate but bounces back from the crossbar leaving the score at 0-10! Chess restart again with a deep kick but the ball is soon kicked back. A penalty gives Dan C a chance to chip forward with Frazer chasing but he slips, taking out Chess’ full back. Frazer then gets injured bravely chasing a ball on the floor and has to retire. A scrum reset gives Dan C a chance to break-through and weave through Chess’ defence who are struggling to get traction in the slippery conditions – to score our third try in the centre of the posts. Max doesn’t disappoint with a great conversion leaving the half-time score at Chess Valley 0 – Hitchin 17.


Hitchin kick-off the second-half deep into Chess’ side. The ball is kicked back and forth a couple of times as both sides attempt to make ground. George V is on for Benji. Toby later replaces Ollie P and a fair number of injuries disrupt our play. All do well to fill in however. Eventually, Chess find clear space and press forward into a maul in front of our posts. Chess get dangerously close to a try but Benji manages to clear it. Chess are soon back in our half and make it over our try line again but this time Frazer clears the ball away. We get a breakaway attempt on the wing with Olli M kicking the ball forward but he’s taken out by Chess’ defence. Hitchin secure a scrum 5m in front of the posts – and Dan H manages to power across to score in the centre of the posts. Max converts successfully bringing the score to 0-24. Chess restart and are soon pressing forward. A few quick substitutions on Chess’ team gives them renewed vigour and they achieve a tremendous breakaway running diagonally across the whole pitch to score a try in the corner – but miss the conversion. Barely 5 mins later, Chess repeat with a second try in the opposite corner but a missed conversion leaves the final score at Chess Valley 10 – Hitchin 24.

A superb, tough game of rugby in difficult conditions – with great sportsmanship and good will on both sides! Our boys played hard keeping the pressure on throughout the game – just losing focus in the last few minutes of the game. Man-of-the-match awarded to Joe for tremendous effort throughout the game. Cruncher goes to Olli M for charging down the ball over Chess’ try line in the final moments of play.




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