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Under 13s v Fullerians RFC - Home Cup Draw on 23 Jan 2011

Published on Wednesday, 26 January 2011

U13 Match Report: Sunday 22nd January 2011

Herts County Cup – 1st Round

Hitchin A (43) vs Fullerians B (0)

Tries (7): Jack (1), Max (1), Ollie Red (1), Dan H (1), Bradley (2), Jordan (1)

Cons (4): Max (4)

Squad: Ashley, Benji, Ben, BMW, Bradley, Christian, Dan B, Dan C, Dan H, Frazer, George V, Harry E, Jack, Jordan, Matthew, Max, Ollie P, Ollie Red, Will M

Man of the match: Christian

The first leg of the Herts County Cup 2011 sees us at home at George V with a 1.30pm kick-off due to a packed fixture list at Hitchin. It’s a dull January day with an occasional light breeze. Fullers seem to be taking their time starting the game and an impatient ref hurries them along…

Hitchin win the toss and kick-off deep into Fuller’s half. Ashley takes the ball to within 5yds of the try-line before being taken out to touch. Dan H breaks out from the line out with an attempted try that’s held up by Fullers. Strong driving from Hitchin wins the scrum as Jack and Christian break over the try line to score our first try at 2 mins into the game. Max narrowly misses the conversion bringing the opening score to 5,0. Fullers restart only to find the ball kicked straight back into their half, Max rockets forward kicking the ball closer to the posts while Fullers panic and plant the ball behind them! Barely 10 mins later Max repeats this move this time fly-hacking the ball to conveniently bounce in front of him as he carries it forward to plant a great try in the centre of the posts - neatly finished-off by a perfect conversion (score: 12-0). Hitchin keep possession of the ball, while some great rucking and passing gets us to within 5 yds of the try line again. At 22mins into the first half, Ollie Red scoops up the ball from a confused ruck and rockets across to plant a try in the centre of the posts – watched in disbelief by Fullers. Max converts perfectly bringing the score to 19-0.

The second half sees Jordan, Matthew, Bradley and BMW come on; while Big Ben, Ollie Red, Ashley and Will take a break. Fullers kick-off deep into Hitchin’s half. We maintain possession of the ball and with some great passing get to within 10 yds of the Fullers’ try line in the first six minutes of play. Hitchin concede a penalty and a Fullers’ attempt to restart quickly ends with one of their players colliding with Dan H as he runs back - knocking him flying to the ground. The subsequent penalty sees Dan H bulldoze his way back to plant a try near the posts as Fullers’ defence parts like the Red Sea! Max converts a third time bringing the score to 26-0. Fullers restart again but the ball is soon back in their half. Only 9 mins into the second half, Bradley scoops up the ball from 15 yds out and makes a sizzling run to plant our 5th try of the game in the corner while Harry attempts a difficult conversion from near the touch line(score: 31-0). Ollie Red comes back on as Cap’n Jack retires with a minor injury. Hitchin maintain the pressure keeping the ball consistently in Fullers’ half. At 16 mins into the second half - Jordan peels off the back of the scrum to plant our 6th try. A near miss on the conversion leaves the score at 36-0. Fullers wearily restart again and soon find the ball back in their half. Barely 4 mins later, Bradley steals the ball and darts side-to-side through a confused Fullers defence to plant our 7th try in the centre of the posts. Max converts a 4th conversion bringing the final score to 43-0.

A great game and great teamwork which allowed us to maintain possession and control of the ball throughout the game. Kudos too to the Fullers lads who never gave up and kept the pressure on up to the very end!

Team Daniel Barnes, Oliver Pomfret, Harry Elleston, Daniel Holland, Ben Firth, Christian De Trafford, Oliver Malczyk, Jack Wuidart, George Vivian, Benji Cowell, Ashley Gibson , Frazer Mcgowan, Max Smith, William Mercer, Daniel Cowell

Subs Maitiu Emson, Matthew Harding, Bradley Harper, Jordan Mensah, William Martin-Wren


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