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U7s Newsletter - Ampthill Away 30/11/14

Published on Friday, 5 December 2014

U7s Newsletter - Ampthill Away 30/11/14
U7's @ Ampthill

Match Report Ampthill v Hitchin  U7’s 30.11.2014

Photos from the morning can be found here:

Hitchin U7s at Ampthill 30.11.14

Coach – Geoff

Team – Ethan, Roscoe, Mackenzie, Eddie

Match 1

Tied 8 – 8

Scorers – Roscoe 3, Eddie 2, Mackenzie 2, Ethan 1

Match 2

Lost 14 - 16

Scorers - Roscoe 4, Ethan 4, Mackenzie 3, Eddie 3

Match 3

Tied 11 – 11

Scorers – Mackenzie 4, Ethan 4, Roscoe 2, Eddie 1

Some tough opposition but the team really gelled over the 3 games and the support play from all 4 of them was excellent. An equal spread of tries shows how much they were sharing the ball. Mackenzie should take credit for some outstanding tagging totals in games 2 and 3, and Roscoe’s confidence on the ball improved greatly this week. The team performed as a solid unit and no heads dropped the whole morning. Real progress from all 4 of them and their enjoyment of the morning was clear.


Coach - Rob

Team - Jack, Euan, Oliver & Teddy T.

Match 1

Lost 4 - 5 Good teamwork in a close match. 1 try from Jack & Teddy T and 2 tries for Oliver. Some good tags from the team.

Match 2

Lost 11 - 12. Again another close game with an outstanding haul of tries. Jack scored 9 and Euan 2. There was plenty of running into space and support play from the team.

Match 3

Lost 9 - 18. A high scoring match where our support play was good and we managed some good passing moves leading to tries. Euan did very well and scored 6 tries and Jack scored the remaining three. We lost our concentration towards the end in defence, which lead to a flurry of tries at the end of the game.

However the team played well overall and deserved their hot dogs in the sunshine at the end of the match. 


Coach - Phil

Team – William, Jamie, Fraser plus guests from Ampthill

Match 1

Lost 6 - 11

Scorers – Ben (Ampthill stand - in) 1, Fraser 4, William 1

Match 2

Lost 11 - 12

Scorers – John (Ampthill stand-in) 3, William 1, Jamie 2, Fraser 4

Match 3

Lost 11 - 13

Scorers – Ezra (stand-in) 2, John (stand-in 5), Fraser 4

The kids played well. Lots of passing and excellent support play, and all of them had some great runs and tagging. Second and third games were really close.


Coach - Neil

Team - Lewis, George, Charlie and Teddy

Match 1 – Won 8 – 5

Hitchin started the morning in great style in a close contest which ended ​up with a win for Hitchin. The boys worked really hard to make sure they were supporting each other and getting their defensive lines right, which looked really good this week.

Match 2 – Won 10 – 7

Another win for Hitchin, as the boys continued to work as a team. There was some good quick passing when they were tagged and all showed enthusiasm in tagging and scoring.  Neil ironed out arguments when there was a re-start by numbering them off, 1 to 4.  This worked really well for them as they knew when it was their turn at starting and who they were throwing the ball to.  No more arguments and instead, some quick sprints to the try line!

Match 3 – Lost 14 – 16

Narrowly beaten but this seemed to be a double match, as it went on for about 20 minutes!  The boys were tired but were well-matched by this particular Ampthill side.  All the boys scored tries and took tags in this game but Charlie has to get a special mention as he was a one-boy tagging machine and got 10 on his own! 


Coach – Paul

Team – Harry, Sam, Thomas & Ampthill players

Match 1  - Lost 4 - 6

Match 2  - Lost 11 - 14

Tries: Harry 3, Sam 4, Thomas 1, Louis (teammate from Ampthill) 3

Match  3  - Lost 6 - 10

Tries: Harry 1, Sam 3, Louis (teammate from Ampthill) 2

Great team play from everyone with some excellent tagging & tries over a number of phases. Big plus under Paul’s coaching, the team developed their defence through each game to a very solid line that Ampthill found difficult to break through.



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