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Under 14s v Welwyn RFC - Away League on 2 Oct 2011

Published on Sunday, 2 October 2011

U14 Match Report: Sunday 2nd October 2011

HML League: Welwyn (26) vs Hitchin A (24)

Tries (4): Freddie (1), Dan H (2), Saiful (1)

Cons (2): Max (2)

Squad: Ashley, Benji, Ben, Bradley, Christian, Dan B, Dan C, Dan H, Frazer, Freddie, George V, Harry E, Jack W, Jordan, Maitiu, Matthew, Max, Ollie M, Ollie P, Saiful, Sam J, Sam R

Our first league game of 2011 sees us playing away at Welwyn RFC. It’s a balmy, sunny October day with the temperature already at 21C at 10:00am and set to rise to 30C (!) by mid-day. Hitchin, facing into the early morning sun, kick-off deep into Welwyn’s half. Some great rucking & passing keeps the ball firmly in Welwyn’s half while Saiful gets an early break to scream down the wing for what would have been an early try had the ref not seen a forward pass! A penalty to Welwyn gives them a chance to clear the ball into our half to their fast winger who side-steps our defence to run across half the pitch and score Welwyn’s first try near our posts. A successful conversion brings the score to Welwyn 7 – Hitchin 0 at 6 mins into the game. Hitchin restart and barely 3 mins later Jack gets an opportunity to kick the ball into touch in Welwyn’s bottom corner. A successful lineout gets the ball to Freddie who powers across Welwyn’s defence to plant our first try in the centre of the posts. A successful conversion from Max equalises the score at 7 points each at 10 mins into the game. Welwyn restart with a kick into our half while a fumbled catch results in a knock-on scrum. Welwyn steal the ball from the back of the scrum and ship it out to their fast winger who manages to outrun our defence to score a near identical try near out posts. A good conversion takes the score to Welwyn 14- Hitchin 7 at 14 mins of play. Hitchin restart with a deep kick into Welwyn’s half and the ball is soon shipped out to their fast winger who makes good ground but is brought down by our defence. We kick to clear but Welwyn then pass the ball out to the opposite wing and soon have another winger outrunning our defence with another try. A good conversion brings the half-time score to Welwyn 21 – Hitchin 7.

The second half sees Welwyn playing into the sun.  Sam scoops up the ball from Welwyn’s kick-off and passes across to Jordan who makes good ground. A Penalty gives Dan C a chance to kick the ball deep into Welwyn’s half with Saiful in hot pursuit. Pressure on Welwyn’s full-back leads to knock-on scrum at 10 yds in front of Welwyn’s posts. Hitchin win the scrum and attempt a heavyweight attack on the try-line but are resisted by an equally heavyweight defence. Ollie M picks up the ball and gets to within 2 yds of the try line before Welwyn’s defenders bring him down while Dan H shadowing close behind takes the ball across to score our second try at 7 mins into the second half. Max successfully converts to bring the score to Welwyn 21 – Hitchin 14. Welwyn restart with a kick deep into our half. Dan C manages to clear back into Welwyn’s side but the ball is soon worked back to our half. Max suffers an injury and comes off, replaced by Dan B. A penalty gives Dan C a chance to clear with lineout at 22yds in Welwyn’s half. Continued Hitchin pressure keeps the ball within 10 yds of the try line. Dan H finally gets a break-through to score his second try and Hitchin’s third try of the day. We miss the conversion – bringing the score to Welwyn 21 – Hitchin 19 at 20 mins into the second half. Welwyn restart with a deep kick into our half and work the ball out to their fast winger who scores Welwyn’s 4th try in the corner. A missed conversion brings the score to Welwyn 26 – Hitchin 19 with only 2 mins left to play. Hitchin restart with a deep kick into the corner chased up rapidly by Saiful who catches the ball on the bounce to power on and score our 4th try. A missed conversion leaves the score at Welwyn 26 – Hitchin 24 at end of play.

An exciting first league game with tremendous play on both sides from two equally matched teams. Despite really hot weather conditions in October (yes – really!) our boys maintained pressure to the last minute and gave everything they had. An excellent start to the season!

Team Sam Jenkins, Oliver Pomfret, Harry Elleston, Daniel Holland, Freddy Maxwell, Christian De Trafford, Oliver Malczyk, Jack Wuidart, George Vivian, Benji Cowell, Sam Ramsay, Frazer McGown, Max Smith, Daniel Cowell

Subs Daniel Barnes, Maitiu Emson, Ben Firth, Matthew Harding, Jordan Mensah, Ashley Gibson , Bradley Harper


Herts / Middlesex U14 Div.3 The league: Herts / Middlesex U14 Div.3



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