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Under 15s v Grasshoppers RFC - Home League on 21 Oct 2012

Published on Monday, 22 October 2012

U15A Match Report: Sunday 21st October 2012

HML League: Hitchin A (27) vs Grasshoppers (24)

Tries (5): Spencer (1), Max (2), Saiful (1), Dan C (1)

Cons (1): Max (1)

Squad: Aaron M, Ashley W, Benji, Dan C, Dan H, Frazer, Harry, Joe, Jordan, Max, Ollie M, Ollie P, Saiful, Sam J, Spencer, Tom, Will B

An overcast breezy October morning finds us hosting some very big Grasshoppers at George V in the second league game of this season. Promoted from Division 4 last season, Grasshoppers hail from Isleworth in Middlesex, home of SkyTV. They’re big lads and they’ve come with a full contingent of subs.

Hitchin kick-off the first half with a deep kick straight to a knock-on scrum from a fumbled catch. Jordan steals the ball from the scrum and powers through – passing down the line to Max who nearly takes our first try but is shoved into touch at the corner. Ollie M steals the ball from a 5m lineout and passes out to Spencer who completes with a try near the posts in his debut game with Hitchin A’s. Max successfully converts bringing the opening score to 7-0.  Grasshoppers restart with a kick into our half that’s immediately kicked back into theirs. The ball works its way back to the centre where Grasshoppers’ winger breaks through running down the wing to score their first try in the bottom corner. Grasshoppers nearly complete the conversion with an accurate boot towards our goal that bounces off the posts – leaving the score at 7-5. Hitchin restart but revitalised Grasshoppers are soon pressurising us in our half as we concede a penalty just 10m in front of our posts. Grasshoppers attempt a prop barrage and are held back by our defence but a casual knock-on secures them a scrum just 5m short of our goal. Good driving from Grasshoppers forces the scrum back giving Grasshoppers the chance to score their second try in the centre of our posts. An easy conversion follows giving them a 5-point lead at 7-12.  Hitchin restart with a deep kick into Grasshopper territory. This time Max gets a break through and runs around Grasshoppers’ defence to score our second try in the corner and narrowly misses the conversion leaving both teams equal at 12 each at the end of the first half.


Grasshoppers kick-off the second half with a new tactic – a short kick just a few feet in front of their line as they wait for us to respond. Harry pops the ball up to Joe who’s taken out into touch by Grasshoppers’ front line. Joe captures the ball from the subsequent lineout and makes good ground but we’re held back from a try by a mighty Grasshoppers defence. A fumbled ball gives us a knock-on scrum just 10ms from the try line. This time the ball is passed out of the scrum down the line to Saiful who tears down the wing to score our third try. Max misses the conversion leaving the score at 17-12. Grasshoppers restart with a deep kick and secure a knock-on scrum in our half. A breakthrough from the back of the scrum gives Grasshoppers a chance to score an equalising try with a missed conversion leaving the score at 17 each. A poor restart by Hitchin leads to a scrum reset in the centre which we win but Grasshoppers steal the ball as its passed down our line giving their fast winger a chance to outrun our defence with a try scored near the centre of our posts. A good conversion puts Grasshoppers in the lead at 17-24. Hitchin restart but the ball is soon working its way back into our half with nobody tackling these large Grasshoppers! A fortunate penalty to Hitchin gives us a chance to pass the ball down the line to Max who tears down the wing to score his second try, and our fourth, in the bottom corner. Max narrowly misses the conversion bringing the score tantalisingly close at 22-24 with just 15 mins of play left. Grasshoppers restart with a short kick again – followed up again by Joe and Harry. Tensions rise as both teams compete hard for the lead and a fight erupts in front of the posts. The ref steps in with a red card to both players involved – leaving both teams one man down to complete the game. The game restarts with a scrum won by Hitchin. Rapid passing down the line gives Max a chance to tear down the wing again and he’s narrowly robbed of a hat-trick as he’s taken into touch at the corner. Hitchin drive hard in the closing minutes of play and secure a scrum 5m in front of Grasshoppers’ posts. Rapid passing down the line gives Dan C a chance to dive over the line putting Hitchin 3 points ahead at 27-24. An injured Max is unable to take the conversion so Spencer gives it a go without success. Grasshoppers restart and in the final closing minutes of play force us back to our try line. The parents can barely watch as the game rests on a knife-edge with Grasshoppers held back on our try line. Grasshoppers continually attack over the try line only to be held back by strong Hitchin defence. Both sides tussle for the ball until the ball finally drifts into touch to close the game!

A hard day’s rugby today which could have gone either way at the end! Both teams were evenly matched with each successive point hard fought over. Grasshoppers pressurised us to the very end keeping our guys continuously on their guard. We learnt some hard lessons today about not underestimating the opposition!  Harry Elleston was given both player of the day and cruncher of the week, for repeatedly and fearlessly bringing down the big guys.



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